Evyap Egypt
Evyap Egypt has been established in 1999 that provides a wide range of Soaps brands ( Duru, Fax, Evy baby, Activex, Ava and more ) and sizes that matches the ever changing life style needs. Using the highest quality ingredients brought out from many parts of the world being a selective extracts , rich lather types , and long lasting fragrances , all combined to offer only the best pleasant and refreshing was experience.
The factory was established in Alexandria, Egypt in 1999. The production started in 2002, The factory has an area of 78,000 m², 6,000 m² of which is closed, and contains 450 employees at total.
While 50 % of the sales are sold in Egypt, the remaining 50 % are exported to Libya, Jordan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Togo, Palestine, Bahrain, , Morocco, Ethiopia, Benin , Angola, Sudan , Pakistan ……..etc