Evyap Sabun, Yag, Gliserin Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. (Evyap Soap, Oil, Glycerin Industry and Trade Inc.) is one of the fundamental companies of Turkey. Mehmet Rifat Evyap, the founder of Evyap Inc., started soap production in Erzurum, in 1927.
As Mehmet Rifat Evyap, who brought the raw material required for the production from Izmir and Istanbul, faced frequent problems on the matter; he left his soap manufacturing house in Erzurum and started production in Vanikoy in August 1943 in order both to broaden his vicinity and to ensure an easier raw material supply. The raw materials, then, were transferred by boats were distributed to the dealers in Tahtakale through the same means upon production.
Mehmet Rifat Evyap, in the meantime, went into machine – based production jointly with another soap company, maintaining production in Istanbul. He continued the production in its mills in Ayvansaray and Tahtakale upon the withdrawal of his partner after a while. Evyap, which, then, moved its facilities to Silahtaraga, began to maintain its operations in it new place from 1958. The DURU brand soaps were introduced in 1967. The first TV commercial advertisement project was carried out for ARKO in 1971.
The foundation of the new factory in Ayazaga was laid in 1975. The production operations were moved to the factory in Ayazaga, in 1980. The commercial advertisements for the DURU brand were introduced in the early 1980s. The first large – volume exportation is performed to Iran with AMBER brand soaps.
Mehmet Rifat Evyap, our founder, leans the fundamentals of Evyap on 3 golden rules;
  • The most valuable awards we may ever have in return to our producing products at superior quality are the reliance and adherence of our consumers for our brands.
  • The reliance and the adherence of our consumers necessitate producing the best products, and the obtained profit should be converted into investments.  Quality is the top priority in Evyap. Therefore, the state of the art technology should be used under every condition in order to produce products at superior quality.
  • The best quality products should be produced and offered to consumers for reasonable prices.