The future is here
The success story, which began in Erzurum, in 1927, with soap manufacturing, now travels more than 100 countries within a broad range of products from shower gels to shaving products.
Evyap, by now, is one of the largest soap and cosmetics manufacturers of the world. Evyap, which carries out the 70 % of the total soap exportation of Turkey, is among the top 100 Turkish industrial companies. . Evyap, which also commenced production in Egypt, in 2002, started Evy baby, Evy lady and Activex, in 2003.
Evyap has a wide product range in the following categories with the brands Duru, Arko, Ava, Evy baby, Evy Lady, Activex and Fax .
Toilet soaps, beauty soaps, soap tablets, liquid soaps, bath soaps, shower gels
Personal care
Skin care products, hair care, solar care, oral care products, and care products for men and for babies
The brands of Evyap hold the position of market leader in Turkey for the soap products, the shaving products and the skin care products. Our soaps are the market leaders also in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, and in Kazakhstan.
Evyap, currently, is one of the few Turkish corporations having international brands. The driving motive of Evyap is to offer our good quality products, which are produced with state of the art technologies, to our consumers for reasonable prices.
Our basis of existence:
To offer superior quality products under convenient conditions in order to make a contribution, even a little one, to the happiness of people.
Evyap values:
  • Respect for the consumer (Customer - oriented)
  • To produce the best (Quality)
  • Perfect communication
  • Reliance